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Welcome to the Strong Bad Email section of the Homestar Runner Wiki. Strong Bad's emails are the most updated feature of the Homestar Runner website. Most of the inside jokes on the website, for example the Floppy Disk Container, come from here. A few characters were even created here! [Click here to go to the Strong Bad Email menu]

This page has three sub-sections:
*Strong Bad Emails
*Email Raps
*Email Page Titles
*(T) indicates that the email has been transcribed
*(E) indicates that at least one EasterEgg has been discovered in the email
:(Note: A (T) doesn't necessarily mean the transcript is complete or correct, nor does an (E) necessarily mean that all of the EasterEggs have been found!)

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== StrongBadEmails ==
109. (crying)? (T, E)
108. (pom pom)? (T, E)
107. (cheatday)? (T, E)
106. (dangeresque 3)? (T, E)
105. (replacement)? (T, E)
104. (theme park)? (T, E)
103. (haircut)? (T, E)
102. (lunch special)? (T, E)
101. (car)? (T, E)
100. (flashback)? (T, E)
99 . (Not the 100th Email!!!)? (T)
99. (different town)? (T, E)
98. (stupid stuff)? (T, E)
97. (monument)? (T, E)
96. (lackey)? (T, E)
95. (the bet)? (T, E)
94. (video games)? (T, E)
93. (army)? (T, E)
92. (kind of cool)? (T, E)
91. (caffeine)? (T, E)
90. (colonization)? (T, E)
89. (local news)? (T, E)
88. (couch patch)? (T, E)
87. (mile)? (T, E)
86. (no loafing)? (T, E)
85. (2 years)? (T, E)
84. (kids' book)? (T, E)
83. (labor day)? (T, E)
82. (impression)? (T, E)
81. (date)? (T, E)
80. (stunt double)? (T, E)
79. (the process)? (T, E)
78. (anything)? (T, E)
77. (suntan)? (T, E)
76. (sibbie)? (T, E)
75. (funny)? (T, E)
74. (privileges)? (T, E)
73. (mascot)? (T, E)
72. (crazy cartoon)? (T, E)
71. (2 emails)? (T, E)
70. (big white face)? (T, E)
69. (personal favorites)? (T, E)
68 . thing in a bag (T)
68. (caper)? (T, E)
67. (autobiography)? (T, E)
66 . in da basement (T, E)
66. (the show)? (T, E)
65. (unused emails)? (T, E)
64. (english paper)? (T, E)
63. (fingers)? (T, E)
62. (interview)? (T, E)
61. (monster truck)? (T, E)
60. (huttah!)? (T, E)
59. (marzipan)? (T, E)
58. (dragon)? (T, E)
57. (japanese cartoon)? (T, E)
56. (current status)? (T, E)
55. (cheat talk)? (T, E)
54. (morning routine)? (T, E)
53. (comic)? (T, E)
52. (island)? (T, E)
51. (website)? (T, E)
50. (50 emails)? (T, E)
49. (theme party)? (T, E)
48. (ghosts)? (T, E)
47. (new hands)? (T, E)
46. (your friends)? (T, E)
45. (techno)? (T, E)
44. (lures & jigs)? (T, E)
43. (little questions)? (T, E)
42. (action figure)? (T, E)
41. (invisibility)? (T, E)
40. (vacation)? (T, E)
39. (property of ones)? (T, E)
38. (helium)? (T, E)
37. (dullard)? (T, E)
36. (guitar)? (T, E)
35. (sisters)? (T, E)
34. (weird dream)? (T, E)
33. (gimmicks)? (T, E)
32. (flag day)? (T, E)
31. (sugarbob)? (T)
30. (12:00)? (T, E)
29. (superhero name)? (T, E)
28. (1 step ahead)? (T, E)
27. (3 wishes)? (T)
26. (CGNU)? (T, E)
25. (super powers)? (T)
24. (the bird)? (T, E)
23. (little animal)? (T, E)
22. (sb_email 22)? (T, E)
21. (cartoon)? (T, E)
20. (spring cleaning)? (T, E)
19. (tape-leg)? (T, E)
18. (stand-up)? (T, E)
17. (studying)? (T, E)
16. (band names)? (T, E)
15. (the basics)? (T, E)
14. (duck pond)? (T, E)
13. (i she be)? (T, E)
12. (credit card)? (T, E)
11. (i rule)? (T)
10. (trevor the vampire)? (T, E)
9. (i love you)? (T, E)
8. (brianrietta)? (T, E)
7. (halloweener)? (T, E)
6. (depressio)? (T, E)
5. (making out)? (T, E)
4. (homestar hair)? (T, E)
3. (butt IQ)? (T, E)
2. (homsar)? (T, E)
1. (some kinda robot)? (T, E)

The main menu of Strong Bad Emails is called "Denny's Menu"
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=== StrongBadEmail Raps ===
The little ditty Strong Bad does on the E-mail menu page.
==== Current Email Rap: ====
*Hold it. Control it. And buttons, come on, let's see you scroll it!
:(On June 22, 2004 a click-and-drag scroll bar was added to this edition of the e-mail menu page.)
==== Previous known raps: ====
* Dear scroll buttons, let's not mince words. I love you guys!! [1]
*I keep my buttons on scroll and all the ladies in check, did you find the spare key to my apartment yet? What!? (sounds like Wuh!) [2]
*The scroll, the scroll, the buttons, the buttons, scrolling so smooth like the butter on a muffin. [3]
*Chew-it chew-it scroll buttons! Chew-it chew-it rock on! I got scroll buttons like the day is long! I got scroll buttons like the day is long! [4]
*Scroll button, scroll button, one two, one two, and if you swing by my crib then I can scroll with you! [5]
*Coach Z: And if you're tryin' to fade me then ya must smoke crack.
:Strong Bad: Scroll buttons, oh yeah, like that heart attack. [6]
*Once again it comes scrollin' back, scroll buttons get ill like a heart attack! [7]
*Scroll it out, just scroll it out, scroll buttons 2.0. [8]
*Scroll-a buh-tone-es! [9]
*Keep on scrollin' on, my scriggities.
*'Sup my scrollies? You guys are looking good.
*Scroll buttons, are you guys okay? [10]
*Oooh, fancy new scroll buttons.

You can also find mirrors of the old raps at
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=== StrongBadEmail Page Titles ===
*1-33 except 5, 6, 20 and 22: TANDY 400!!! (The computer Strong Bad uses.)
*5 (making out): Frampton's Camel
*6 (depressio): Tandy 500!! (Um, it used to give you a whole 'nother site, which is now on website.)
*20 (spring cleaning): Mandy 400!! (Strong Bad does some spring cleaning.)
*22 (sb_email 22): The Lost Email! (It was censored)
*34 (weird dream): Tangerine Dreams!! (Strong Bad's Tandy is broken so he uses The Cheat's computer)
*35 (sisters): Tandy 400: The Big Comeback!! (Strong Bad returns to using his Tandy 400)
*36-38 (guitar, dullard, helium): Tandy 400: Still Broken. (Strong Bad is still using his Tandy 400, but it's messed up.)
*39-40 (property of ones, vacation): Tandy 400: Still Bloke. (Not sure why they changed it.)
*41 (invisibility): The Last Stand(y) of the Tandy 400. (Strong Bad replaces his Tandy 400 with a Compy 386.)
*42-109, except 50, 66 , 68 , 70 and 99 : Compy 386!! (Strong Bad's current computer.)
*50 (50 emails): Lordy, Lordy! Look who's over there! (It's his fiftieth email.)
*66 (in da basement): Quite Exciting This Computer Magic! (Strong Bad gets a new arcade game.)
*68 (thing in a bag): T-TV, TV Show! (referring to the background music during this. It's not an email, but that's still a weird title.)
*70 (big white face): Compy 086!! (reference to the old Macintosh screen Strong Bad uses.)
*99 (Not the 100th Email!!!): Not the 100th Email!!! (people trying to get to the hundreth e-mail before it was released got this about a day before it came out.)