Strong Bad: {muttering} Checking the email, grubble grubble email... {stops muttering}.

If you are so evil, how come you don't rule
the world or at least some kind of field?

Mike, UK

Strong Bad: What are you talking about, Mike, UK (uck/ök)? I mean I've totally ruled that field out behind the dumpsters, since like diaper school man.
{And Strongbadia appears for the first time ever and Strong Bad holds his arm up proudly at Strongbadia.}
Strong Bad: Aaaah, my kingdom continues to flourish. Er, carry on, everyone.
{The Cheat appears from behind the white fence and tries to get to the tire, but Strong Bad orders him to not touch the tire.}
Strong Bad: Eh, The Cheat! What, you wanna get banished? Don't touch that!
{The paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}
Strong Bad: Why you're standing around for, man? Don't you have like some of my bidding to do?

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