1. You can click on the words, "faint of heart" and "faint of butt" to see the international symbols for them.
2. Click on "name" in "..after I make fun of your name" to see Em's name badge.
3. Click on the words: "Typing", "certain words", and "dumb stuff" to see some example popups. (Hands typing, hands holding a dictionary or book, and a pie chart)
MonkE2k writes in to point out that the pie chart adds up to 114% (28+17+8+61, the 8 is hard to see!)
4. Be sure to wait 10 or 15 seconds after he says, "girl named Beth".. because it's not over..
5. After Homestar does his thing, click on "something else" to hear what is apparently an ad.
6. The brick in the easter egg costed $.13