Strong Bad: So, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... (pauses) You're really cool.
Creepy Comb-over SB: (in creepy voice) Thank you, ma'am. Would you care for a slice of gum?
Strong Bad: Yeah, totally. I'd be way into a slice of gum. (takes gum from Creepy Comb-over SB) (mutters) Man, he's so cool. (normally) Er... say something else!
Creepy Comb-over SB: I have to be going, Ethel. I've got some important lines to stand in.
Strong Bad: Ohhh.. will I ever see you again?
Creepy Comb-over SB: Exsobably not. (walks away)

Have you seen this guy?


Last seen: When you were little.
Goes by the name-a: Senor Cardgage
Stands, I would say: Oh, about so high
Distinguishing Features: Wicked comb-over

Not an easter egg, but, notice that Jordan asks what Strong Bad would be like if he "weren't that buff, handsome, and stylish guy in a wrestling mask that he is" but, Creepy Comb-Over Strong Bad still has the wrestling mask.

But the mask is SB's face, remember? He told us as much in some kinda robot.

CCOSB is dragging a grocery bag from Aldi... Aldi is a supermarket chain that sells a lot of what some would call "second rate" merchandise. Also, I believe you have to pay for your bags, and rent the cart.