Strong Bad : Duh duh dududududududududuh duhduhduhduhduhduh e-mail.

{Reading E-mail}

Dear Strong Bad,

I think the Cheat is the coolest
thing ever, but why can't I
understand him? Please tell the
Cheat to talk normal.


Cory, North Dakota


Whoa. The entire town of Cory, North Dakota decided to e-mail me. That was nice of them.

{Strong Bad's voice echoes and sounds like it's coming out of a megaphone}

Citizens of Cory! Thank you for your email. Hang on, let me get The Cheat.

{Strong Bad turns around in his chair and calls for The Cheat, his voice normal}

Hey, the Che- Oh. The Cheat.

{Strong Bad sees that The Cheat is standing beside him}

Some town here can't understand you. Say something normal, like-er-um-uhhh... Douglas.

The Cheat : [The Cheat talk]

Strong Bad : Douglas.

The Cheat : [some more The Cheat talk]

Strong Bad : Douglas!

The Cheat : [the same exclamation as the first time]

Strong Bad : {turning back to his computer} Well, I guess you can't expect much from a furry little man who hangs out with my brother all day. Speaking of...

{Strong Bad turns around again, calling for Strong Mad}

Hey, Strong Ma- Whoa!

'' {He sees that Strong Mad is standing beside him.

Strong Mad. Say Douglas.

Strong Mad : DAAHH!!!

Strong Bad : Douglas.

Strong Mad : DAAAAAAHHH!!!

Strong Bad : Douglas!

Strong Mad : Dah?

Strong Bad : {turning back to his computer again} So, there you have it, people of Cory, North Dakota. Eh- oh. Hang on a second.

{Strong Bad turns away again}

Hey! Strong Sad!

{Strong Sad arrives}

Strong Sad : Douglas!

{Strong Bad hits him in the stomach with the keyboard}

Strong Bad : So, there you have it, people of Cory, North Dakota. The Cheat can't say anything normal, like Douglas.

{Something that sounds like "Douglas" is heard off to the left and (Strong Bad turns around}

(Strong Bad : What the- Who said Douglas?

{"Douglas" is heard again, but then it cuts to a window}

Strong Bad : Oh, wait, it's just the branch of that old sycamore rubbing against the window. It was nothing to worry about after all.

{Strong Bad turns back to his computer again}

Strong Bad : So, I guess you guys are just gonna have to learn how to speak The Cheat. I know a little myself... You know, like, [speaks some Cheat], and, um, [speaks more Cheat], you know... I don't know what any of that means, but, uh, it really seems to tick The Cheat off when I say it, so, I say it to him all the time. Anyways, give it up for me! ... Guys?

{The Paper descends}