STRONG BAD: {singing} Driving down the strip in my cool cool car, checkin' all the e-mails out!


Hey Strong Bad!

Whatever happened to that "No Loafing" sign you used to have?

Ryan, CO {Strong Bad says "Co... colo-colorado."}

Hey, great question, stupid! Here's an answer. {typing} The year was 1987, not a very good year for productivity. And as a result, productivity was down something-eight percent. {A pie-chart falls down} I realized things were gonna spiral out of control unless I gave them a little jumpstart. A sign that said "No loafing" {A picture of Strong Bad standing by the sign} was the answer.

But that was a long time ago. I suppose ol' Loafy might be losing his edge. Maybe I should put up some of those inspirational posters and stuff to get things back in gear. You know, the kinds that have like whales or sunsets or windsurfers on em. And they say stuff about determination and giving a care.

{Strong Bad walks in on Strong Mad and the Cheat sleeping when they're supposed to be working on a muffler. He has a bunch of posters under one arm.}

STRONG BAD: You guys are pathetic.


STRONG BAD: Have you forgotten what got us here? {The Cheat makes a questioning noise} No Loafing got us here! {The Cheat makes an indifferent noise} Take a look at these bad boys and get back to work!


{Strong Bad begins posting the posters. The first one is a picture of a whale's tail sticking out of the clouds and it's captioned "Remember the 'tivities: Creativity; Productivity; Activity; Get Back To Work"}

This one's got like some kinda whale... in space...

{he puts one up that has a picture of a windsurfer and the caption "Failure is not a four-letter word"}

And this one talks about cussing...

And this one's incredibly inspirational... {He puts one up with a picture of a guy jumping out of the water and it's captioned "I HAVE FRIENDS! Keep working, little man"} with the bursting waters...

{He puts up a framed picture of a dog captioned "The Cheat, watch your freakin' back, Squeaky."}

Here's one a-those hush puppies. They'll make you work for it.

{A slice of a tree trunk is put on the wall, with a picture of a horse on it and it's captioned "The loneliest goat sees the last sunset last..."}

And this wood-burly thing's got some kinda old adage on it. About goats.

{Strong Mad instantly leaps up. The Cheat tosses him a big stick, which he uses to smash the muffler.}

STRONG BAD: Excellent! That-a way boys! Chins up! Tifle down! And so on...

{Strong Bad walks back to his computer}

{typing} Well, whoever, I see I've gotten things back on track. Sounds like I deserve a three hour lunch. I'ma head over to Bubs' for one of his 30 cent lunch specials.

{Strong Bad puts a Post-It note on the screen and leaves. The paper comes down.}