STRONG BAD: Boy, is it ever Monday.


Yo yo, Strong Bad!

Are there any ghosts in Strongbadia?

Your Favorite Cowboys,
Josh, John & Doug
Nashville, TN

Whoah. Took all three of ya to come up with that one, huh? You're some bright young men! {typing} You know boys, cowboys, I've never really given the ol' kingdom a thorough ghost check. {calling out} The Cheat! {The Cheat zips right up to Strong Bad} Meet me in the Strong Bad Cave! {The Cheat makes a quizzical noise} Erm, me in the closet and, uh...we'll put on some costumes.

{We see an old Batman-style transition, with the eye portion of Strong Bad's facemask is used as a logo to designate a scene change. Strong Bad and the Cheat walk out into Strong Badia at night, both dressed in costumes.}

Okay, the Cheat, let's just turn on my ghost-detecting equipment here...see if we can't get any readings. {turns on a flashlight and waves it around} Hey sign! You haunted? What about you, tire? Any ghosts? Chinese food! You a ghost? {the top of the box of chinese food opens up with a green mist escaping} IT'S THE GHOST OF GENERAL TSO! Oh--wait. It's just grody and rotten. The Cheat, will you please freaking clean up after yourself?! Oh well, looks like Strongbadia is ghost-free and proud to be.

{The ghost of Tandy appears behind him}

Oh! old computer! Umm...what's up, man? Sure is one...spooky sound you're making there... {Bad Graphics Ghost materializes on the Tandy screen} Ooh, lookit that! Little...bad graphics ghost. Heh. Hey, little guy...look old computer. Sorry I threw you out and everything but, uh...the Cheat, um...Chea-chea-cheat's got soccer practice, so uh...did you remember your cleats, the Cheat? THROW THAT CHINESE FOOD AT HIM!

{The Cheat does, and they run off, the ghost flies out. Then we go back to Compy, where the paper comes down, and Bad Graphics Ghost appears onscreen.}