Featuring: Strong Bad

Strong Bad: {singing} Who's always giving Strong Bad a hand? Email... email... {stops singing}

hey strong bad,
help us come up with a name for our band. i was
thinking about 'invisible robot fish' or 'for good or
for awesome.' hurry up please, we have our first
show tomorrow.
you rule
- dan

Strong Bad: Well, Dan, the easiest way is to, you know, just have a really cool last name and use that. You know like Van Halen, or Dokken, or to a lesser extent Z'Nuff. The other way is to take a really cool word but then spell it all wrong. You know like... "LAZOR", or "BIGG NIFE", or something like "TARANCHULA" or maybe like "LIMOZEEN". You know, these are all great names, and you know, go ahead and take them. I'm not going to charge you or nothing. Just, uh, put me on the guest list plus one for that show huh? I'll probably take Pom-Pom. You know that he's been pretty cool lately. Okay, so tune in next week, when my guests will be Lemmy from Motorhead and the guys from Krokus!

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}

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Some decent band names

If you use one, just make sure to put Strongbad (plus one) on the guest list.

Val Halen and Dokken are real bands. Z'nuff...I've never heard of them.

Never heard of Enuff Z'nuff?! Well they're real too. (Chipp Zanuff?)

Motorhead and Krokus are bands too. Geeze you kids are makin' me feel OOOOOLLLLD. AgentSeethroo

Z'nuff is not a band, but the joke might be on the band Snuff. They are on Fat Wreck Chords (fatwreck.com) and they have a CD called 'Snuff said. -SephirothBadReligion

Strongbad's song at the beginning refers to [The Cheat theme song].