Easter Eggs

Click the text on the paper that says "Click here to play Duck Pond" to play Duck Pond (well, duh). Also, if you play long enough, you will access a more advanced game of Duck Pond. With color!
Also, if you hold down the F key for about 2 seconds, you can throw out 3 pieces of bread at once.

Directions for second game:
'F' Feed ducks (Obvious)
'8' Shrink brown duck (One time only!)
'A' Drop an Anvil (Can hit both ducks! - Thanks for the correction Jason!)
'Y' Drain the pond (Can drain it many times, but not fill it up - ducks stop, although if you manage to get food to hit a stopped duck, it will start to move again - Thanks to all 20 or so people who wrote in with this!)

Strong Bad: Whoa, man! These graphics are state of the arts! Graphics!

For some reason, as soon as i get to the atari version, the email just restarts.

It restarts on my computer when i press 8.maybe your pressing 8 and the email restarts - dillon

Indeed, it does restart but a few seconds after you get to the atari version... lame. - peekay

I say someone emails tbc about the problem