Easter Eggs

Fun Facts

This is a very healthy choice for your breakfast needs. Try it once or more, for best results.
ingredients: cereal, milk, more cereal, 2% milk, more cereal, more milk, grape nuts, nuggets, nuggets, nuggets, assorted premium ingredients,
iron 0g
calcium 0g
fiber 0g
oats 0g
wheats 0g
Vit. C 0g
zinc 0g

The soy sauce bottles have writing on them in yellow letters, with "KIKKO" being visible. This is most definitely a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce. The distinctive shape of the bottle gives it away. Besides, Kikkoman is found in most Chinese restaurants in the U.S., so it makes sense that TBC would give the soy sauce a familiar name. - "Douglas"

But, in the easter egg e-mail, G and U were NOT the only keys that weren't broken. Strong Bad uses capitalization and spaces, so shift and the space bar would have to not be broken, too. <--Don't be nitpicky...

I didn't catch that one. Or, instead of the shift bar, it could be Caps Lock.

Another Easter Egg--Well, kinda--Is that the guys name is HockeymanJ05. Later in the e-mail, Strong Bad types and says "Well, Soccerdude,". I just thought that was kinda funny, and worthy enough to be noted. -- Mike

did any body notice that on that 'really old email' it was set in marshmallows last stand? and that it was before a jumping jacks contest which was the first time Strong Bad said holy crap?

Don't be nitpicky like I was. The old style email was a joke. -Shopiom

Nothing interesting, but this is the last e-mail in which you can mess with the Tandy's contrast buttons. Poot Slap

The old email with Trixie asking Strong Bad is a reference to the old H*R site. I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but I think Strong Bad says "Hockeyjockaman" instead of "Hockeyjackman" - Mr. Depressio