STRONG BAD: The views expressed in the following email show do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anybody cool. Oh, except me. {lowers voice} I'm cool.

{Starts reading.}

Dear Strong Bad,
{The following is read just as it should be with the punctuation used.}
Do you Have a car If you do what Kind of car is it. Is it Pimped OUt?

From Kyle
in West Point, NY (Military Base)

{typing} Oh, good one Kyle. Like I don't get two jillion of these emails every two jillion seconds. Er. Wait. Would that be so bad? Hmmm. I'll have to ask Gron Sad about that later on. Maybe write in to 'Popular Science' about it. "Popular Science." No such thing, man. More like, "Nerdular Nerdance."

{still typing} Anydangway, to properly make an example out of both you, and your email's butts, I'm going to whip out an old classic move of mine, and hit you with a little uhhhh digga digga digga digga digga digga DEL

{Cut to a wider view of Strong Bad's desk, where Homestar is off to the right.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Interrupting Strong Bad} U'up du'up du'up du'up du'up. {Cut to a close-up of Homestar} Allow me to save this email from a tired old Strong Bad joke by showing all y'alls my new tricked out propeller cap.

STRONG BAD: {Shaking fist} What are you doing?

HOMESTAR: Ummm... Did you just say "doing?" {pronounces it like "boing"}

STRONG BAD: What? No. Doo-ing. I said, "What are you doo-ing?".

HOMESTAR: Oh. Well you spelled it the same. {Strong Bad makes a noise of frustration} Anyways, on to my cool words that I had to say. First, check out all my hydraulics. {Homestar pulls out a remote control with three switches on it. He flips the first two. His cap moves up and down on his head, making mechanical car hydraulic noises. He then continues to mix and match the usage of the switches to adjust the pitch, yaw, and angle of his cap in regards to his head. While this is going on, he continues to talk, commenting on the particular movements.} And your little... {His cap goes up, forward, back, forward, back, forward, back, and then down onto his head again.} And everybody loves... {His cap slides up, and then forward on his head.} Now turn the lights down, low. {The lights dim, and his cap glows pink from underneath.} Sweetish ground effects. {The room lights brighten and the "effects" turn off} And the coup 'de grace, {He bends down putting his cap within the reach of Strong Bad} Spin my buzzer.

STRONG BAD: Your what?

HOMESTAR: My buzzer. Give it a spin.

STRONG BAD: Oh, why am I doing this?

HOMESTAR: Uup, you said "doing" {still pronounces like boing} again.

{Strong Bad makes some frustrated noises. He then spins the propeller on Homestar's cap. It gives a propeller like sound.}

HOMESTAR: {Singing as the spin continues} Doo, do do do doot dooooooo. Doo do doot doot doot. Do do do doot doot doot.

STRONG BAD: Now you're singing the theme from "Night Court"?

HOMESTAR: No, not singing. When you spin my buzzer, it plays the theme from "Night Court" starring Richard Moll. And it's custom installed.

{Strong Bad begins writing something unseen on his boxing glove with a permanent marker while muttering. The words "custom installed" are the only audible words he mutters}

HOMESTAR: Now what are you doing? {still like boing}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I'm just tricking out my fist here.

HOMESTAR: Oh cool. What's it going to say? 2-E-Z? {2-E-Z flashes on the screen} Or like, NEVA-DIE? {NEVA-DIE flashes on the screen}

STRONG BAD: No, it says this. {Shows Homestar. Written on his boxing glove is a mirrored "DELETED" in Old English script.}

HOMESTAR: Strong Bad, they spelled that backwards. You need to take that thing back right--

{Strong Bad dives forward and punches Homestar. The screen goes white for a moment. Fade back to Homestar leaning up against a crack in the wall from the impact with his head. He's lost his cap, his eyes are X's, Strong Bad's fist has left the Old English "DELETED" imprinted on his forehead. Yellow stars float around his head.}

HOMESTAR: Ooohh oooh. Thank you once again for my pies. I spent particular effort on the creme bernard.

{Cut to Strong Bad back at the Compy.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well, that straightens everything out, right? As for you, Kyle, I don't have a car. You ever see me in a car? No! Bye. {Strong Bad stops typing and runs off to the right. After a moment, he pokes his head back on the screen.} Talk to my man with the green and white stripes!

{The Paper comes down.}