Strong Bad: There once was a man named email, and it is best for a while.

{Reading email} Strong Bad,

So, if you're so good with the ladies, how come I never see you with any? The only female I've even seen to seen to {Messes up} Ahem. The only female I've seen even near you is Marzipan, and she doesn't seem to like you very much.

Ok, bye.
Emily C., Weho. (It's really Ohio.)

Strong Bad: {Typing} What are you talkin' about, Emily? Marzipan can't keep her hands offa me! In fact, I had to change my screen name cause she was buggin' me so much.

I'd be like, tryin' to write an email like...
Dear The Cheat
And then {Message Comes Up: "hooray4dolphins: 'sup strong bad? i heart you so much."} it'd come up, and I'd be like close the window. {Closes Message}
Anyways, The Cheat, I was going {Message Comes Up: "hooray4dolphins: i like all your muscles."}
To ask you {Message Comes Up: "hooray4dolphins: do you go hooray 4 dolphins? i do."}
If I could borrow {Message Comes Up: "hooray4dolphins: (Typed in Webdings font) i seriously hope you didn't somehow decode this. it would make me real sad "}
That big knife! {Message Comes Up: "hooray4dolphins: are you trying to fade me?"}

And if that's not "enuff pruf", just watch this...

{Scene cuts to Marzipan out in the field next to a sign laying against a Cinder Block saying Free Concert For Birds}

Marzipan: {Singing} Oh yeah, oh yeah, and I really don't like him at all!

Strong Bad: So, uh... {Combs back "hair" and puts his comb into the back of his pants} Is that another song about Homestar?

Marzipan: No, it's about you.

Strong Bad: About being in love with me?

Marzipan: That's disgusting. And I don't like your outfit.

Strong Bad: Well, I'm not telling you my new screen name.

Marzipan: Well, I don't even know what a screen name is, so there you go. And if you'd please leave now, because I'm tinkering with my guitar.

Strong Bad: Oh yeah, well? Say you like me!

Marzipan: No, leave me alone.

Strong Bad: Say you like me?

Marzipan: No.

Strong Bad: Then do you like {Whispers own name quickly}?

Marzipan: No! You're just saying your name fast. Go away.

Strong Bad: What about that guy who's brothers with Strong Mad and {Whispers quickly again}?

Marzipan: That's still you! No!

Strong Bad: Then how about this one? Do you don't not dislike not Strong Bad?

Marzipan: Uh... I guess...

Strong Bad: See! I told you you loved me! Ooh! I knew it all along! Just wait until my friend, Emily, from Ohkio hears this!!! Oooh! She loves me!

Marzipan: Whatever... Come on Carol, let's rock.

{Scene cuts back to Strong Bad's computer room.}

{3 messages pop up from Cheatachu72, and the paper comes down.}

{A message from Strong Sad comes up after a while}

- SummerFashions