STRONG BAD: Hassaro! Heessaro! Hassaro! Heessaro!

{Reading email}
Strong Bad,
I am going on a long trip and will not be able to check out "Homestar Runner's website" for a long time. {not reading} Homestar has a website? {reading} What do you think the greatest advancement for Strongbadia will be in the next 2 years?

Your Main Man,
E. Fullmer

{not typing} umm, Endiment. {typing} Hang on Endiment. Just for the record, my main man is, and has been since 1987, Van Mundegaarde. And don't you forget it! {not typing, a little picture of Strong Bad with a note from Strong Bad to Van comes down} Oh Van, the times we shared. {typing} Well as you know, Endy, Strongbadia is on the cutting edge of the future. I can easily predict that the population will have tripled in two years. {cut to a picture of Strongbadia} So by then it will be population: tire and, bundt cake pan, and Coach Z.

COACH Z: I'm takin' a leak!

STRONG BAD: And I have some good news for you single ladies out there. The cinder block is going to break up with the sign.

CINDER BLOCK: Dear Stop Sign, you are a stop sign and I am a cinder block.

STRONG BAD: Oh! and we will have developed a world class hole. And by then hopefully the Cheat will have finished that mural I commissioned him to paint, like a freakin' year ago. Slowby. Oh yeah and the tire will have definatly won the title. (A medal appears on the tire and an invisble crowd cheers.) And finally, Strong Sad will have actually succeeded in becoming more whiny.

STRONG SAD: I don't like food anymore!

STRONG BAD: {typing} Augh! So annoying. Oh, that reminds me. I should probably go let Strong Sad outta the dryer. He's been in there since breakfast.

{The paper comes down.}

-Easter Egg-
STRONG BAD: (opens the drier) What th- The Cheat! Where the crap did I leave Strong Sad?

{cut to the King of Town's grill}

STRONG SAD: Uh, hellooo? Can anybody hear me? The Cheat has a really nice place in here. And none of his shirts fit me.

Transcribed by:Heir_of_Lindeen