Features: Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

STRONG BAD: Oh, girl... I want to email you so nice. Alright everybody. In honor of this, my 50th email, I've decided to answer 50 of your emails! Ready? Go!

Email #1
Dear strong bad,
Can you please write a book about come-back jokes!

{typing} More like, you write a book about come-back jokes, NERD! {hits enter}

Email #2
Dear Stong Bad,
what are some cool ways to spell different words? example, fat = phat

Oh, you mean like {types} strong = stong? {stops} You seem to like that one. Or how about this? matt = MATT! {He types matt = DELETED!, and MATT!! appears on the screen as the email is deleted}

Email #3
Strong Bad,
What is your favorite leg?
Jess and Tiff
Los Angeles, CA

Well, I like all kinds of legs. You know, like the Great Leg... the Leg of Hope... Tape-Leg? {the phone rings} Oh, man! I was on a roll! Don't nobody go nowheres. I'll be right back. {He walks off and answers the phone} Hello? Yeah, this is me.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {offscreen} Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: {on the phone} I dunno, what kind of savings?

{Homestar Runner walks in carrying a fondue pot}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey Strong Bad, I brought back your fondue pot... Strong Bad? {He looks around, and then sees the computer} Whoa. That TV has words on it. {He sits down at the computer}

{Homestar re-reads the email}
Strong Bad,
What is your favorite leg?
Jess and Tiff

Um, {typing} Hey Crapface! Why dontcha blow it out your ear. You buddy, Strong Bad. {enter} Whoa, another one!

Email #4
Dear Strong Bad
How do you type with gloves on your hands?

Oh, even I know what to do with this one. {types} BALEETED! {hits enter, nothing happens} Huh? Oh. Umm... {types} DELTEATED! {enter, nothing happens} No? Uhh... Deltaco?

{Cut to Strong Bad talking on the phone}

STRONG BAD: No, they're more like elephant feet. Yeah. So what do you think, like, 50 bucks? Sounds good. I'll leave the key under the atmay.

{Back to Compy 386. Homestar has typed in many, many words, but none of them do anything.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What is that stupid word? {He types in "da cheated" and hits enter. The computer plays a tune and the blue "Flagrant System Error" screen comes up} Uh oh. This does not look good for Homestar Runner.

{Cut back to Strong Bad on the phone}

STRONG BAD: Okay. Bye! {He hangs up and walks off. Cut back to the computer}
Okay. Back to the 50 emails. {He sits down. There's a piece of paper over the monitor with a Windows error window titled "This is real." It says "System report: Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined." Strong Bad reads the message} Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined. Oh, that's good to hear. Let's just, wait a minute... {he tears off the paper and sees the blue screen} Wha... Flagrant Error? What the... where did all my emails go?

{The Paper comes down.}

STRONG BAD: What? The paper? This isn't over yet! Go back up, go back up! {He swats at the paper and then tries to hold it up off the screen} Wait, wait! I think I can remember some of those emails! Uh, "Dear Strong Bad, why are you so awesome? Yours truly, Dumpface." Well, Dumpface, it's a long story. It all started with The Cheat one day when he was going down to the...

{The screen, and Strong Bad's voice, slowly fade out. A paper plate with a Swiss Cake Roll with a "50" candle on it fades in. The Paper comes down.}

Transcribed by CoochDog