Featuring: Strong Bad

Strong Bad: Hello everybody! This week it's time for some spring cleaning. Ready go!

Dear Strong Bad,
Why do you hate Homestar so much? He seems
like a nice guy to me.

Strong Bad: Oh, what a good question! Let me think about how I should answer that question...


Strong Bad: Ha ha ha, that felt great. What's next?

Do you have a secret crush with marzipan?
sterling, VA

Strong Bad: Ah, this question is definitely worth my time and consideration.


Strong Bad: Uh ho ho, this is getting good.

Dear Strong Bad,
How do you type with boxing gloves on?
Bend Oregon

Strong Bad: Oh, that's a new one. No way do I get this freaking question all the time. I suppose I'll probably answer it right now.


Strong Bad: {laughing} Whoa, who's next man?

Dear Strong Bad,

Are you made of crap? Did you invent the word crap?
Where did the word crap come from?

Crapfully crapfully,

Strong Bad: Oh, I'll totally answer this one because apparently the only thing I'm concerned with is the word crap-


Strong Bad: Oh, I'm on a roll!

Strong Bad,
Your last email was pathetic. I was disappointed.
Come on, you can do better than that! This is like
the highlight of my week.
Surprised at your lack of humor,

{Instead of saying "Sue", he says "deleted".}


Strong Bad: Aaaah! I feel so cleansed. So fresh and so clean, clean. Okay, so until next time ain't nobody dope as me.

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}

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