STRONG BAD: Oh! Man! Email! Ugh!

Dear Strong Bad,

I am the president of a fraternity,
and I was wondering if you would come
to our next party. It's gonna be a
theme party, so it won't happen for
awhile, until we can think of a good
theme. Can you think of one? Thanks.

Rochester, NY

STRONG BAD: Look fratty, I'm not comin' to your party. But I do have a pretty good idea for the theme. I think you guys should throw a "FRAT PARTY." Yeah, and you could all come in baseball hats from the college that you go to. And khaki pants with a tucked-in t-shirt from the party that you threw last month. And at some point get the guy with kinda long hair to whip out his acoustic guitar and play everybody some white blues. And then you could get a couple of kegs of cheap cold ones and invite a buncha skinny blonde girls... woah. This party sounds-a pretty good, actually. Cound me in, bra. So I guess I'm goin' to this frat party. That's pretty hilarious. Well, see ya next week.

{The Paper}