{Scene opens to typical Internet Explorer error message}

{Strong bad walks on to the screen from the left to confront the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I suppose you think you're pretty clever, huh? Thought you would find something you weren't supposed to see yet? Well, it's not...

{Homestar walks on from the right, interrupting Strong Bad.}

HOMESTAR: Hey, is this where the hundredth e-mail is?

STRONG BAD: No! Get outta here!

HOMESTAR: When are you going to do one already?

STRONG BAD: Oh, just keep your pants on.

HOMESTAR: Pants? Hmm...

STRONG BAD: Yeah, just chew on that one for a while...

{Mumbles as he walks off.}

Teach you to poke around in my HTML...

{Homestar slaps up a handwritten sticky note which is supposed to be a system alert message that reads:}

This is real. System report: Keep your pants on. For real.