STRONG BAD: {singing} Watch me do a little bit o' e-mail, and I'll watch you do a little bit o' {screen reads "File Not Found"} Whoa--that's never happened before. {singing} Watch me do a little bit o' e-mail, and I'll watch you do a little bit o' {email loads properly this time} Whoa--that's never happened befo--oh wait, it's an e-mail. That has happened before. And quite a few times if I remember correctly. Alright, so


Dear Strong Bad,

Respond to this E-Mail in the funniest way ever.

From Sam

{typing} Let's see here...I can tape this blank floppy disk to my head {he doesn't actually type blank} and start talking gibberish and acting like the crazy squeaky guy. LEEKO! LEEKO! LEEKO! I'm a squeaky guy! {jumps up on the table and starts dancing around} I got squeaky pants! Come check out my squeaky pants dance! Squee squaw squee squaw squee squaw {a bottle of ketchup falls from the ceiling into his hands and he starts pouring it over everything} punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity punkity! Aunt Ruthie! Aunt Ruthie! There's ketchup on the computer! Halzee-WHOOP!

{he leaps from the table backwards and starts bouncing around the floor on his head}

Punk-REER! Punk-REER! Punk-REER! Punk-REER! Punk-REER! Punk-REER!

{he runs up to Strong Sad and starts yelling rhyming gibberish at him}

STRONG BAD: Jor Jee Jibbera Jaw! Huppidda Roopja Oop Jup Jaw! Ooka Oog {Strong Sad begins talking over him}

STRONG SAD: Quit that!

STRONG BAD: {he keeps doing it} Ooka Reetoo Taw!

STRONG SAD: You're freakin' me out.

STRONG BAD: {pauses shortly, then keeps doing it} Eeckoo Ickoo Ickoo Slaw! Hooka Hoo Ha!

STRONG SAD: Did you take some of my pills again?

{cut to Compy. Bubs and The Cheat are dipping fries in the ketchup poured over the computer.}

BUBS: You know what? You're right, the Cheat! This computer catsup is better than the regular kind! Or that purple kind.

{Strong Bad walks back in}

STRONG BAD: Alright alright. Clear outta here, you two! 'Cept for you, the Cheat. {The Cheat grumbles} You better start cleaning this mess up!

BUBS: What happened in here? Some type of ketchup bomb go off?

STRONG BAD: Nah, not really. I was answering an e-mail and dancing and acting like a squeaky guy and I started throwing ketchup everywhere.

BUBS: Oh. That's pretty cool.

{Strong Bad does a double-take behind him to make sure nobody's around, then in a lowered voice:}

STRONG BAD: Hey man, are ketchup bombs real?

BUBS: Not yet! {he walks off}

STRONG BAD: {to the Cheat} Well? Aren't you gonna go get your 409 or Awesome Sauce or whatever you're gonna clean this up with? {The Cheat squeaks at him and starts heading off} Maybe a moist chamois? {tries a fry with the computer ketchup} Ooh! This computer ketchup is pretty good! Needs more RAM, though. Maybe a couple of megachips.

{The paper comes down.}