Fairly Obvious:
At the end when you see the "fixed" VCR hit the eject button and push the tape that comes out back in, repeat until you've seen all the funny tapes in Strong Bad's collection. Also, the clock on top of the VCR will read the actual time wherever you are! It's magic!
Jake wrote in to let us know you can click on the eject button through the whole email, but it doesn't do anything until the end. Thanks Jake! (Wouldn't want people clicking away on that eject button needlessly!)

Dave wrote in and noted that the alarm clock indicates the current time on your computer! Nice, I didn't even notice! Thanks Dave from NJ

Yo! MTV Raps
Hagler vs. Hearns
YCDTOTV (season 2)
Moscow Peace Festival
car commercials
The Commish
space shows
M*A*SH* final episode
Joy of Painting (go down to the end)
Strong Mad's b-ball game
Slam Dunk Contest (Spud Webb)

Wait a minute. The Joy of Painting is the easter egg in the toons menu that lets you see Marzipan with a beard! -Fozzywozz
YCDTOTV (season 2) refers to the old show "You Can't Do That on TV"
If you change the time on your computer during the email, the time in the email changes, too. - The Chortellini

the vcr says vcr/tv. i think its supposed to be tv/vcr -guest