Strong Bad: {muttering} Mnaw, mnaw, mnaw, mnaw... Mnaw, mnaw, mnaw, mnaw... {stops muttering}

Dear strong bad,
my brothers are always telling me that your
legs are made of tape, is that true?

{Strong Bad have some trouble pronouncing the name Nicolas.}

Strong Bad: They said my legs were made of tape?! WHAT?? I mean, do I look like some kind of tape-leg? I can guarantee you, man, I am not a tape-leg. I mean, look at this leg. Look... look at it there... {He lift his leg up and he shows his shoe with tape under it.} Oh wait a minute, what's that one. Augh, there's a little piece of tape on my shoe! {He removes the tape.} That's what they were probably talking about. Yeah. You probably misunderstood them, man. No, they probably said I had tape on my leg or my shoe and you thought they said that my leg was made of tape. My leg is not made of tape. Pfffph! I must've just stepped on an innocent piece of tape...tape. Alright, so until next week send me some good ones. You know, some GOOD ones. ''

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}''

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