Featuring: Strong Bad, Strong Sad

Strong Bad: Supergreat, supergreat... check your email! Diddily...

Dear Strong Bad,

Do you remember when you would answer emails and
be funny without some sort of gimmick? I do, I miss
those days.

With a lot of crap,

Mike W
Everett, MA

Strong Bad: Yep. I remember those days, Mike. Those were good days... {sniff} good days. {The screen turns dark and switches off.} What the... crap? What the...? {A green electric lightning appears on the screen and the computer suddenly explodes. Strong Bad's face turns black and he flies across the room and breaks through the wall to Strong Sad's room. He groans and opens his eyes. He see Strong Sad standing above him upside down.}
Strong Sad: Oh jeez, are you okay?
{Strong Bad stands up.}
Strong Bad: What... yeah... no, I'm fine! Nothing happened, I'm fine!
Strong Sad: Did your terrible computer explode?
Strong Bad: No, shut up! Look, I'm gonna need to borrow like 900 dollars.
Strong Sad: Well I hope that's for a new computer. You could get one like yours at a garage sale for like... 15 dollars.
Strong Bad: I said "SHUT UP!!!" I like that computer.
{He walks through the wall back to his room.}
Strong Sad: I also have money to buy a new poster. You don't seem too broken up about that.
{The paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad - [strongbad@homestarrunner.com]", click on the text to email him.}

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