1. Right when Strong Bad reads, "I would really appriciate it" you can click on the names of the girls to bring up pictures of some States.
2. When the "Girls' States" appear - you can click on the tippy-top of each one to show it in it's underwear! (Remember the egg in Strong Bad #34)
3. When the Tombstones appear in Strong Bad's "Teen Girl Squad" comic you can click on the far right one to bring up a rather funny alternate ending.
4. At the very end you can click on the words, "independent record store" to bring up a weird part showing the comic for sale in some record store. Funny banter going on in the background.

I believe that Matt and Mike are speaking in the background in the record store bit. - Shenlon

The song playing in the background of the record store bit is Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot" from the album Daydream Nation. "Al Beno" is a reference to Steve Albini, the famous producer, who was not actually associated with Daydream Nation. The talk about frets and tuning references Sonic Youth's penchant for employing unorthodox guitar tunings. This whole bit satirizes the pedantic tendencies of snobby music-store hipsters. It's funny, of course, because these guys in the skit get it all wrong. - illiterati

And here's (approximately) what they say (I omitted a few bits where one said something like "yeah" while the other was still talking):

VOICE 1: [presumably Matt]: 'Sup, man?

VOICE 2: [presumably Mike]: Hey, how ya doin'?

VOICE 1: Pretty good.

VOICE 2: Good to see you back in. Yeah, did you... um... listen to this yet?

VOICE 1: You know, I have... yeah, I wasn't into it... I just couldn't get into it. You know, the whole thing's in 4-4, and, um, yeah, it wasn't for me. I liked their solo stuff better.

VOICE 2: Yeah, what about their guitars... they're all, like, in tune... like the frets?

VOICE 1: Yeah, the frets are, like, in tune, the frets are like models. They just have the same producer... Al Beno. You ever see them live?

VOICE 2: Yeah, I mean... I saw 'em...I saw 'em like twice... last night, actually.

VOICE 1: Yeah, I saw them earlier this morning like four times...

VOICE 2: I've been a bigger fan than you for a while, I mean, well, a lot longer probably, too...

VOICE 1: Well, I mean, I dunno...

I think this is the first time a "dirty word", per se, was on the site... in the independent record store, the album in "USED 45s" says "MUDHONEY" and below it, "You stupid assholes". Yeah. Weird.

If you didn't know, "Mudhoney" was a grunge band from the late 80's-early 90's.-DaChazman (who is really into grunge)

If you didn't know, the Brother's Johnson were a funk band from the 70's.
Also- I think the quote is :
"Yeah, the frets are, like, in tune, they're B-modal. Becuase its that same producer. Albeeno."
A reference to Modal Harmony.
Albino (Al Beno/Albeeno) is a reference to indie-rock pioneer Steve Albini, who started off as a member of Big Black and went on to produce albums like Surfer Rosa by The Pixies, In Utero by Nirvana, and Rid Of Me by PJ Harvey. - throatsprockets