{Strong Bad pushes The Cheat away to use his computer.}
Strong Bad: Out of the way The Cheat! I gotta use your computer.
{He sits in front of the computer and types but nothing appears on the screen.}
Strong Bad: Time to check the email... time to check the email... TIME... TO... CHECK... THE... EMAIL! Er, The Cheat. I'm having some problems.
{The Cheat comes and stands beside Strong Bad.}
The Cheat: Hunuwinitw.
Strong Bad: Your computer has too much computer in it, and not enough type writer. {The Cheat clicks the mouse to "SB Email" figure and the text appears on the screen. Strong Bad reads it.} Okay, here we go.

what is the weirdest dream
you've ever had?


Strong Bad: Okay, Marie, I'll tell you, but you gotta understand...the day before, all I had to eat was like...13 pudding pops, okay? So the whole dream was just a picture of...well, lemme show you. {A picture of the map of the United States in tight, white, brand underdrawers appears on the screen.}
The Cheat: Muwh!
Strong Bad: The United States in tight, white, brand underdrawers. Briefly, let's discuss what this dream means. No really, you guys can interpret this how you want. Me, I blame the pudding pops. Okay, so... maybe I shouldn't have shared that with you guys. Er, see you next week. {The paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad - []", click on the text to email him.} How is it going, Texas?

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