1. You can click on "really hungry and tired" to see a "LEM" (Lem Sportsinterviews) styled cartoon of, well, them being really hungry and tired.
  2. You can also click on "application" to see their mascot application, GO DUMPLES!!!
  3. At the very end after the fightsong plays, you can mouse-over the notes to play them!

Lyrics to the CGNU Fightsong, sung by Strong Bad

Fighting and sometimes striving
Wondering what the Dumple is
Excellence and what is valor?
And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {in the dumples costume} Me?

Tones for the CGNU Fightsong:

C A F G F D A# G G G F E F G
C A F G F D A# G G G F E F
You could probably make a mobile phone ringtone out of this... I'm gonna try :)
-I did that a while ago. It works, In a way in you program in stops. Then I got a new phone that didn't have a composer...*sigh* Ahh-I wrote it down to help remember it! I forget what type of phone I had...Nokia something something...Give it a go.

4c1 4a1 4- 4f1 4g1 4f1 4d1 4#a1 4- 4g1 4g1
32- 4g1 4f1 4e1 4f1 4g1 1- 4c1 4a1 4- 4f1
4g1 4f1 4d1 4#a1 4- 4g1 4g1 32- 4g1 4f1
431 4f1 1-
You can play the Trogdor drawing tune too! (thanks to burning horizon's S.B. email secrets) It goes: C D E F A A A C D E F A A A F E D

Fun Facts

In the pile of old electronics there is a Nintendo Entertainment System.

The charicature of SB, SM, and The Cheat being hungry and tired may be a reference to Lookin' At a Thing In a Bag.