Easter Eggs

Not an easter egg within the email, but if you go to the Downloads section and click on the dollar sign ($) you will come to the balance screen. Click on 0.00 and move the card to the slot. The Pin# is the first four digits of homestars Credit card number. This will allow you to access some classic Homsar sound bytes.

Fun Facts

Homestar Runner's credit card info

Number: 5675 116 116 1352
Exp Date: 13/02
This email shows a mouse cursor on the Tandy 400, which clearly doesn't have a mouse.

Cost of Some Stuff on the Internet

spaceship - $3,000,000,000
rocket launcher - $1,000,000
killer robot - $6,000,000
200 bean burritos - $300
robotic dog/shark - $500,000
assorted awesome things - $30,000
golden limousine - $900,000
two-headed cobra - (seasonal) market price
bag of money - assorted amounts

The rest are covered by Strong Bad's head. No easter eggs though.
More of the stuff on http://www.the-coolest-stuff-ever.com/ , though.

The first 4 numbers in Homestar's credit card number can be used to access the pack of Homsar quotes. Go to "downloads" and click on the "$" button. Then, click on 0.00. A credit card will appear. Insert it into the slot and type in "5675".