Strong Bad confronts the user with his/her snooping around the site. Homestar Runner adds to the hilarity.

Features: Strong Bad, Homestar Runner


The two weeks following different town were filled with much angst, as faithful StrongBadEmail fans woke up on those Monday mornings without a new Email. After being teased by TeenGirlSquad Issue 5, MarzipansAnsweringMachine version 10.2, and Puppet Time!, many people were getting impatient waiting for the 100th StrongBadEmail. Several of these people went so far as to check the expected URL for the Email directly, in hopes that they could see the Email as soon as possible. The only way this could be done was to type "" into their address bar, since this address would follow the format used for the previous ninety-nine Emails. These users kept getting the usual 404'd page, until about 2:20 a.m. (EST) on March 16, 2004; which was when they were greeted by Not the 100th Email!!!.

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