STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh traipsing along, traipsing traipsing along, and a email got stuck in my eye.

{reading email}
Hey there Strong Bad!
I was thinking since so many people and ladies think youíre SUPER COOL, why not build a monument to yourself for all to enjoy?

Another fan,
Kaitlin G.

{typing} Iím assuming the G stands for generally overused girlís first name. Well generic name, youíre really onto something here. Turns out I AM super cool. {clears his throat.} As for monuments, I already got one. But itís kinda only of my right foot. You might know it better as DUN DUN DAAA: The Strongbadia Sign!

''{Cut to the Stop Sign, then to a picture of Strong Bad. As he narrates, a diagram of the monument is built.

Yeah there were big plans once. It was to be made of the finest materials. On a massive scale that would rival the Aztecs and their... techno-chocolate land.

{Cut back to Compy 386.}

Anyways, we lost our funding or public interest waned or something distracted me. Man, what was it? What could possibly have distracted me from {mumbling} humbera humÖ

{Cut to a the yard where Strong Bad and The Cheat are building the monument.}

"STRONG BAD:' Oh yeah, The Cheat. That totally looks like my right foot. Itís got all the rightness of the foot without all the footdom of the right.

UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} Here comes the Thnikkaman!!! {Floating text crosses the screen.}

STRONG BAD: No Way! Check it out The Cheat. {Strong Bad looks and points off-screen.} Itís the Thnikkaman!! {Strong Bad and The Cheat run to meet the Thnikkaman, who is obviously Bubs wearing sunglasses and a "TH" sign taped to his chest.} Hey Thnikkaman!


STRONG BAD: Can we have some?


STRONG BAD and THE CHEAT (in Cheat-speak): Thanks, Thnikkaman!

STRONG BAD: {in low voice, perhaps translating for The Cheat?} Thanks, Thnikkaman.

THNIKKAMAN: Yeah. {takes off his sunglasses} Shut up, kid!

UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} There goes the Thnikkaman!!! {Floating text crosses the screen again}

{Thnikkaman exits. Cut back to Compy 386.}}

{typing} So you can see why I got distracted. Iíd like to see you stay on task when youíre stariní down the barrel of a loaded Thnikkaman. I donít care what youíre doin. No one can resist. {not typing} Speakin' of monuments, someone should make one to the Thnikkaman. Oh the things that man does! Come to think of it, what exactly does that man do? {typing again} Anyways, Iím gonna go try and find some of that Technochocolate. That stuff sounds a-prettypretty good!

{The Paper comes down.}