Tandy 400 was Strong Bad's first computer. He answered emails reliably using it until gimmicks where it exploded. After using Tangerine Dreams to check his email during weird dream, he got it working again in sisters, although it was still misbehaving.

Strong Bad made do with its damage for a while until he returned from his vacation in invisibility, replacing Tandy 400 with the Compy 386. Tandy 400 made many remarks when he was thrown out, most memorably, "Three eighty six? Mo' like three eighty sucks!"

Tandy 400 haunted Strongbadia for some time. The computer appeared floating in mid-air in ghosts. It displayed a Pac-Man like 'bad-graphics ghost'.

Bubs appears to have salvaged Tandy and sold it to The King of Town, who is attempting to make his own e-mail answering feature with it, despite the fact that it now appears to be completely non-functional. This can be seen in an Easter egg in The King of Town DVD.

Tandy 400's Debut: some kinda robot

Note: It says "end of line" on the Tandy's screen, that is a quote from "Tron"