Featuring: Strong Bad

Strong Bad: {singing} Oooh, duh DOO doo doo, my e-mail left me, duh doo... {stops singing}

Dear Strong Bad,

You must be a very busy man. You should think
about a vacation.

Filled with crap,

{He lowers his head disappointelly at the comment of "filled with crap".}

Strong Bad: {typing} Oh, vacation, eh? You know, I have been sittin at this computer for a long freakin time. And Strong Mad says I've been lashing out at the Cheat more often than usual... Yeah, you know what? {He bend his head down on the desk and uses a pencil to draw something to BrothaCheese.} I'm outta here... {He slaps a post-it on the screen that says "DORKS!" on it and an angry face with sharp teeth below.} DORKS! {And finally, he walks away humming.}


Just pick one.

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