STRONG BAD: So cool an email. I thought you would enjoy it! Ding-dong...


Dear Strong Bad,
what would youlook like as a japanese cartoon and what would it be about?

-james f. {he says "fffffffffff"}

{typing} A Japanese cartoon, eh, James? I saw one o' thems once. Let's see what I can remember.

{cut to a white screen with Strong Bad standing there. As he describes how he would look different, the changes are applied}

Okay, so first of all, my head would have to be a little bean. With real-real big eyes. Get rid of my thumbs, make me all boots would be a whole lot cooler. Like robot boots. And for some reason, I got blue hair. You gotta have blue hair. Then there's my mouth. Real tiny when it's closed; ridiculously huge when it's open. And then you basically just put me in space and let me fly around in cool poses!

{we see Stinko Man, the anime Strong Bad, flying around in all sorts of cool poses. He then lands down in a futuristic anime-rendition of the field.}

And they'd probably have somebody else do the voices.

{20X6 Homestar walks on}

20X6 HOMESTAR: Hey Stinko Man! Everybody says you're the guy but, I wanna be the guy too!

STINKO MAN: No way, you're just a kid! Maybe when you're older.

{Pan Pan, the anime version of PomPom designed to look like a panda, bounces in and squashes 20X6 Homestar}

STINKO MAN: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pan Pan is fat! Ha ha ha ha ha! He fell on you! Ha ha ha ha! He's a good bear!

{Suddenly, the cartoon transitions into an ink-drawing of the scene, and a bunch of Japanese names flash across the screen for credits while the 20X6 theme song plays. Then we're back to Compy with Strong Bad typing.}

STRONG BAD: {in Stinko Man's voice} Japanese cartoons are w-- {clears his throat} Oh, ahem, excuse me. {goes back to typing and uses his regular voice} Japanese cartoons are weird, man. Though I may be on to something with that blue hair. {stops typing} Look pretty nice, it look-a pretty nice!

{does the ink-transition again and flashes more credits; one of the credits is a link to email Strong Bad instead of the paper}