1. This is the last time Strong Bad uses the Tandy 400. It appears briefly as he tosses it out (and in an Easter egg) in the next episode. Its ghost haunts Strong Badia in StrongBadEmail/ghosts, and we see its eventual fate in the King of Town intro page.
2. You can click on the post-it note to hear it say different insults and such.
3. On the second postcard, at the end of his spiel, you can click on the window and see Strong Bad be Strong Bad.
4. On the fourth postcard, at the end of his spiel, you can click on the right-most headlight to see about the arts and crafts scene--err, the crazy Seattle MonkeyD postcard.
5. On the fifth postcard, while he is talking about his caricature, you can click on the postcard and see it.
6. If you click the "Dorks" post-it repeatedly it'll growl at you - The Cheat Is Not Dead note: the voice is very similar to the classic joe cartoons (micro-gerbil and frog-blender)


There is a reference to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, a now-extinct ride at DisneyWorld. This is after SB gets on the bike, when he says that it was "as fun as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... actually that was pretty fun."

This email was selected not because it had the most interesting scenario, but because TBC thought it was a good way to get rid of the Tandy.

In the easter egg on postcard 5 in the caricature the signiture on the bottom says "LEM '02"
This means it was drawn by Leomard "Lem" Sportsinterviews whose name has been seen all over the website (see: Lem Sportsinterviews ) (Nati)

Also in postcard 5, Strong Bad says "Just a quick one while I'm away," a reference to The Who's song "A Quick One While He's Away."