Strong Bad: All these... emails... I don't understand.

Dear Strong bad:

Why is it that your superhero name does not end
in "man" just like Superman, Spiderman. etc, etc...

Your friend


Strong Bad: (Stiny?) Umm... I don't think you're in a very good position to be criticizing peoples names, STINY!! I mean, what kind of a name is Stiny anyways? It sounds like some supervillain's little sidekick that he's always ordering around you know. Like, "STINY! GET ME A DANISH!!" or "STINY! WHO SPILLED COFFEE ALL OVER THE PLANS FOR MY DEATH RAY?!" Stiny, eh... naw, you know what? I'll change my name to Strong Badman if you agree to be my sidekick: Li'l Stiny. And you can wear a little mask and a little cape... {The Cheat appears wearing a mask to his eyes.} Hey The Cheat... er, just doing an email.
The Cheat: Hrinun.
Strong Bad: What? No! Of course you're still my sidekick!
The Cheat: Uhuynidah.
Strong Bad: Yeah, that cape looks great on you. Look, I was speaking hypothetically.
The Cheat: Uhuysuwituwa!
Strong Bad: Oh come on, don't give me that!
The Cheat: Ptawoh!!! {The Cheat walks away angrily.}
Strong Bad: Ah, The Cheat!
{A "Strong Badman" magazine appears on the screen with a picture of Strong Badman drawn on it (see above). On the bottom of the page, there's a note saying "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}

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