Ah... the toons. The best part of the Homestar Runner website (aside from StrongBadEmail), here is a list of all the toons on the Homestar Runner website. Have fun in your living room!

Note: The toons menu layout changed on June 22, 2004 and divided all the toons into eight categories. It used to display Strong Bad Emails, Marzipan's Answering Machine and Teen Girl Squad in a section called Features. Powered by The Cheat and Puppet Stuff were listed under Shorts.

(Note: A (T) doesn't necessarily mean the transcript is complete or correct, nor does an (E) necessarily mean that all of the Easter Eggs have been found!)

Full-Length Toons

Toon Shorts

Powered by The Cheat

Puppet Stuff

Please Note Again That It Has Been Taken Off The Toons Menu.

Holiday Toons

Special Cartoons

Cartoons that Left

Additional Information

Page Title: Fun in the Living Room!

Note: For instructions on pausing toons, go here.