Homestar Runner throws another halloween party, this time where everyone carves pumpakins and then they get judged by Homestar Runner. His rating system is somewhat questionable, and at the end, Marzipan asks him who won. It turns out that the Homestar Runner who was judging was actually Strong Bad, and that the other Strong Bad was actually the goblin from last year's scary story. OOOOOOhhhhhhh.............That expains everything!

PomPom : The Kool-Aid Man
Bubs : Captain Lou Albano
Coach Z : Kid
KoT : Mario
Strong Mad : A Ghost
The Poopsmith : A Sleestak
Strong Sad : Vyvyan (from "The Young Ones")
Marzipan : Left Eye Lopes
The Goblin : Strong Bad as "The Bee"
Homestar Runner : Angus Young
Strong Bad : Homestar as Angus Young
The Cheat : Russell
Homsar : Ghost Dog (from the movie of the same name)

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An interesting note: Captain Lou Albano (Bubs) played Mario KoT in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show back in the day.