Note from Homestar Girl-In my opinion,Mr. Shmallow seems to have A British accent.

(The screen displays the words "A Filmed Commercial Advertisement". Then Mr. Shmallow appears on the screen.)

Mr. Smallow: Greetings, fallows. I'm Mr. Shmallow. (his name appears on the screen)

(cuts to a bunch of candies on a table) Have you grown loathe of ordinary confections?

(cuts to a shack labeled "Sugah Shack")Has the sugar shack left you out in the cold?
(the shack collapses, crushing the two kids from the Marshie comercial)

(we see two people with jetpacks and the words "Look Lively")Look lively at today's go-get-em lifestyle with Fluffy Puffs Air Puffed Sugar Delights!

(the Fluffy Puff box is displayed, then cuts to a pile of sugar being "puffed")Each puff is hand puffed using only the finest airs. (A cartoon cloud is shown blowing air into the sugar)(now a turkey and a piece of broccoli are "puffed")Air puffing is surely the future of eating delicious foodstuffs.

(cut to a fat, rich-looking man at a desk smiling) Mr. Bossman wouldn't settle for much less!

(cut to marshmallow roasting over a fire) Add an open flame to create a flavour taste that will send you to the moon! (Mr. Shmallow flies up to the moon, which eats him)

The Moon: Air-puffed sugar delights.

Mr. Shmallow: (sweating) That's right, the moon. (cleans off his glasses, which have fogged up) Enjoy Fluffy Puffs Air-Puffed Sugar Delights. Hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin.

announcer: (singing) Fluffy Puffs air-puffed suger delights, hand-puffed at the factory in Neunconsin! (stops singing)(quickly)Fluffy Puffs Air-Puffed Sugar Delights. Hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin.

(the camera pulls back to reveal 1936 Homestar watching the commercial.)
Mr. Shmallow: Look lively. Look lively!

1936 Homestar: That monster's going to give me nightmares.