{Puppet Homestar appears. They Might Be Giants are behind him, John Flansburgh with a guitar and John Linnell with an accordion. Marty Beller is off screen on drums.}

Homestar : Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!

{TMBG start to play rock music.}

Homestar : I'm tellin' bad jokes now,
Really bad jokes now,
Tell a bad joke to me,
Why did something cross the road,
I don't know,
Make it up,
Bad jokes, come on,
I'm really good at tellin bad jokes,
I'm tellin bad jokes now,
The ones you've heard a million times,
The kind of jokes that little kids tell ya,
Why was I stapled to the chicken?
I don't know man,
I wasn't stapled to any chicken!

Flansburgh: {yells} Nice belt!

Homestar: Nice belt man!
Bad jokes,
Bad bad jokes,

{They stop playing and singing.}

Homestar : Solid!
That's pretty good, guys. Layin' it down back there.

Beller: Nice belt!

Homestar: On the skins-- {snare drum hit interrupts his train of thought} I-- {snare drum hit}

Beller: {whispers} Nice belt!

Homestar: ... Nice belt indeed!

Transcribed by RainbowFhqwhgads