(Typical IE "this page cannot be displayed" error page as the background.)

Homestar Runner: (walks in looks at the error) Ummmm... what's going on here? What happened to my website?

Strong Bad: (walks in) The system is down, yo!

Homestar Runner: Ohh... the system... right, right.

Strong Bad: Yeah, I think too many people tried to log on. (scratches his head) Uh.. sorry about that.

Homestar Runner: What are you sorry for? It's my website.

Strong Bad: Um... I don't think they're coming to see you, Homestar.

Homestar Runner: What, you think everyone's logging on to watch 'tape-leg'? Yeah, that's a good one.

Strong Bad:Hey, shut up! The tape-leg is cool.

Homestar Runner: Well, when do I get my website back?

Strong Bad: Oh, anytime now. We've got our top men working on it round-the-clock.

Bubs: (walks in) Well I found the problem. Looks like someone tried to cram-a-lam a Swiss Cake Roll into the disk drive.

Homestar Runner: Oh, really? (leaning towards Strong Bad, eyeing him skeptically)

Strong Bad: Uh, what are you looking at me for? I did--hut--wut--nany--huit-- (runs off quickly)

[Strong Bad runs off - the paper from '50 Emails' appears, the paper says 'Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined.']

Homestar Runner:So, Bubs... What are you gonna do with that Swiss Cake Roll?