Aaron's transcript for A Jorb Well Done.

[We're in a football field. Homestar is running back and forth and he knocks over Strong Sad. Pom-Pom starts jumping on him and the electronic score board is keeping count. Also, Bubs is there for some reason. Coach Z blows his whistle]

Coach Z: Okay there boys, pack it up, pack it in.

[Homestar walks over to him]

Coach Z: Great jaerb there, Homestar.

Homestar: Uhhhm...I'm sorry. What?

Coach Z: I uh, I say you did a great JORB out there!

Homestar: I did a great WHAT?

Coach Z: A Great JAERB!

Homestar: Oh. Man. Pom-Pom, you've gotta check this out. [Pom-Pom bounces over] Okay, Coach, tell Pom-Pom what I did today.

Coach Z: Err, uh well, I was just telling Homestar here that he done a great joearb.

[Pom-Pom laughs in bubble]

Homestar: [laughs] Coach, That's ridiculous. We have got to do something about that.

[cut to Homestar with his teaching stuff on, points to a board with "JOB vs. JAERB" on it. Homestar crosses out Jaerb and circles Job]

[cut to Marzipan. She has 3 pictures of mouths with the letters labelled A, E and O]

Marzipan: O. Job. O. Job.


Marzipan: Coach Z, you should make your mouth into an O, like this. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Coach Z: You mean like this? OOORREEAARRR!!!!!!

Marzipan: Thatís better!

[we're at the cinema. Pom-Pom seems to be doing some sort of Clockwork Orange Hypnotism Technique on Coach Z, only without the eye hooks. In other words, he's strapped into the seat. The screen flashes the word JOB over and over, followed by pictures of people with Pom-Pom heads

The Business Manís JOB is to give the Business.
The Construction Workerís JOB is to smash things.
The Poopsmithís JOB is obvious.

is on the screen, with pictures]

Coach Z: [looks to be in pain; face is red and is sweating] JEEEOOORREEAARRB!!!!!!!

[cut to some sort of alleyway. Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat are standing in front of a brick wall with the word JOB stylishly written in graffiti. Strong Bad has a grin on his face]

Strong Bad: Okay, Coach, letís give this one more try. Repeat after me. JOB.

Coach Z: Jorb.

[Strong Bad looks at Strong Mad and clears his throat]

Strong Bad: Yes, uh, this sounds very good. Uh, my only recommendation is... try to add, a few more syllables. Perhaps 3. Perhaps 4. [sniggers, then bursts out laughing, along with Strong Mad and The Cheat. Coach Z looks down and walks off]

[cut to the locker room]

Coach Z: Oh, jeez. Iím just not cut out to say the word Jaerb. How am I ever going to face the boys at practice tomorrow?

[Strong Sad enters]

Strong Sad Uhh, Coach Z, uhh I heard about your problem and I think that I can help. [hands him a tape] This is a tape that I made when I was practicing the dictionary. Listen to it while you slumber. And tomorrow, you may wake to find that...

Coach Z: [interrupting] Oh wow! Thanks a lot, Strong Sad!

[Coach Z puts the tape in a tape machine. The tape is labelled "Job- 285,194 times". He then presses PLAY and goes to sleep on a bench in the locker room]

Strong Sad: Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job...

[Coach Z starts having dreams about Strong Sad jumping over a fence and saying the word JOB over and over]

[the next day, at the football field, only Coach Z and Homestar are there. The score board keeps track of how many times Homestar changes directions while running. Coach Z blows his whistle]

Homestar: Well Coach, How'd I do today?

Coach Z: Well, I tell ya. You did a great JOB, Hamstray.

[Homestar sighs and starts to leave]

Coach Z: No wait! I mean Hamster! I mean Strumstar. I mean Stairmaster. Homegrown! Ramrod? Humphel?