I know a lively fellow,
who is really quite unique.
He's small and smart and yellow,
with a rodent-like physique.
He doesn't play the cello,
and he never deigns to speak.
He's The Strong Bad's Leporello,
and they just call him The Sneak!

If you've got a caper then you know who to call.
It's the Sneak! It's The Sneak!
Who's The Dapper Swindler out of Tammany Hall?
It's The Sneak!

That charming little what's-it who's The Strong Man's greatest pal?
It's The Sneak! It's The Sneak!
Who did the hully-gully on the Panama Canal?
It's The Sneak!


Who's that jaunty jackanapes with moxie and pizazz?
It's The Sneak! (Yes, sir!) It's The Sneak!
Who's been drinking bootleg hooch and listening to the jazz?
It's The Sneak!

Who captures all the flapper girls' affections?
Who made off with my Fluffy Puff confections?
He's dastardly!
He loves catastrophe!
His schemes are masterly!
Takes tea at half past three!
That sneaky sneak is sneakin' all over town!

Who dropped The Homestar Runner from his flying machine? (Hum dinger!)
Is it The Sneak? (28 skidoo!) It's The Sneak!
Who put a bengal tiger in The Kaiser's latrine? (Ach du lieber!)
It's The Sneak! (What's the rumpus?)
You know it's The Sneak! (Take it home!)
The Sneakity Sneak all day long!