In WikiChat/TransScripts there's a link to a site which has bookmarklets like this for pause, rewind, fast-forward, and skip. Really quite useful. -- InterruptorJones

Here's how to pause toons and other flash movies:
Add this to your favorites/bookmarks:

javascript:for(i=0; o=document.getElementsByTagName("object")[i]; ++i) try{F(o)}catch(e){}; for(i=0; o=document.getElementsByTagName("embed")[i]; ++i) try{F(o)}catch(e){}; function F(o){ if(o.timer){clearInterval(o.timer); o.timer=0; } if (o.IsPlaying()) o.StopPlay(); else o.Play(); }

Everytime you click that favorite/bookmark during a flash toon (or SB Email etc.), it will pause it, which is perfect for reading quick things on the toons, or taking screen shots (See WikiChat/HowToTakePictures).

It is perfect to place onto the Links bar on IE, for easy access.

I am not sure how to add a link to favorites on Internet Explorer, it seems that you can only add to favorites on the page itself, but because the above is not a page, the only way I found is by adding any link to favorites, then right-clicking on it, going to the Web Document tab, and changing the URL: field with the above code.


I did what Rainer did and i pressed pause at the end of the 100th sbemail and found another easter egg where strong bad was doing a commercial for discount flashback wherehouse. did anyone else find this? - Arrohed Aria

Yup. See StrongBadEmail/flashback/EasterEggs.

When I click the thing to pause toons it take me to this page. Poot Slap

Hmm. How did you create the bookmarklet? It sounds like you might have bookmarked this page, and then didn't copy the above JavaScript code into the link, replacing the link to this page. -- Tom

Isn't it easier to just right click the flash and uncheck "Play"? --jeffthejiff

Sure you could do that, Jeff. But personally, I find that having these simple buttons in a Toolbar is great. Of course I watch a lot of Homestar Runner toons. Possibly more than you. You might be satisfied with that method, and that's cool. But then again... these things do come in handy while watching other Flash toons around the Internet. -- Tom

"Possibly more than you."... well i wouldnt challenge that...
Anyway im quite happy with my right button. Or i load the swfs into Media Player Classic where i can use the normal video navigation buttons and progress bar... --jeffthejiff