{The setting: "www.homestarrunner.com is coming soon! This domain is reserved through thoraxcorp.com". An animated stick figure in a yellow "Under Construction" diamond shovels diligently. Stinko Man appears at the bottom of the screen and leaps into the air, performing an anime fighting pose before landing.}

STINKO MAN: {to stick figure} Hey, stickly man. Whaaaaat are you doing?

{"Stickly Man" stands up, tosses his shovel into the air, leaps out of his diamond, performs a mid-air flip, lands, deftly catches his shovel and assumes a fighting stance.}

STINKO MAN: Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you asking for a challeeeeeeeeenge?! {assumes fighting stance}

{Stickly Man spins his shovel and Stinko Man executes another pose. They dash toward each other and leap simultaneously into the air in slow-motion. Freezeframe of Stinko Man striking Stickly Man. Stickly Man lands on his feet in the background; Stinko Man lands in the foreground in a kneeling stance. After a pause, Stickly Man drops his shovel, wavers a bit, and falls flat on his face. Cut to close-up of Stinko Man.}

{A subtitle which reads ". . ." appears.}

STINKO MAN: Dot dot dot.

{Zoom out to whole page.}

STINKO MAN: 20X6! I twenty-exty-sixted you good.

{20X6 Homestar and Pan Pan enter.}

20X6 HOMESTAR: Did we miss a challenge?

STINKO MAN: Where ya been, ladies? I had to take care of Stickly Man myself!

20X6 HOMESTAR: Well, so how was it?

STINKO MAN: Ahh, it was okay. The fighting was decent, but it wasn't much of a challenge. {lays down}

{Pan Pan bounces.}

STINKO MAN: Wha-aa? Good question, Pan Pan. I don't know what he was digging for.

{Stinko leaps into the yellow diamond and tastes the mound that Stickly Man was shoveling.}

STINKO MAN: Hey, this isn't dirt, i-it's pudding!

20X6 HOMESTAR: I want pudding! {A green glob descends from his nose.}

STINKO MAN: We deserve a break. To eat pudding with a spoon! {produces a spoon from nowhere}

{Pan Pan falls from above and crushes 20X6 Homestar.}

{Roll credits:}
executive producer
h. yamauchi

s. miyahon

s. miyahon
ten ten

ten ten

t. nakazoo
maru maru

sound composer
paul pan
storm storm

wibe snodgrass

actual items
foss tony

scare tactics

elevator action
tesoro dub

crotchety gnomes
perl bess

cover ups

{The end.}