{down in the basement of the Brothers Strong's abode...}

STRONG MAD: {has a football in one hand, and is watching something on TV} TAKE IT TO THE HOOOOUSE! {punches the couch 4 times} TAKE IT TO THE HOOOOOUSE!

STRONG BAD: Um... hey tough skins. Uh... the game's been over for about 6 hours now.

TV: Set it and forget it!

STRONG MAD: TAAAKE IT TO THE HOUUSE! {throws his football at Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: {catches football} Yeah... yeah ok... um... I'll take this to the house. {walks away}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Do do do do do do do do do do do. Wow. That guy's really taking it to the house.

TV: Set it and forget it!

{The paper comes down and it says: "Due to the big game, the Strong Bad Email will be a little late this week."}