Transcribed by TheBigKnife

{This cartoon was created by The Cheat}. Strong Bad is singing to himself, while dribbling one basketball and spinning the other on his hand. He is wearing purple boxing gloves and his head appears to be rendered in clay. His pants are hiked up on one side so that his underwear shows on the other side. The Cheat enters wearing cowboy boots.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, The Cheat! I can't believe what cool boots you have on, where did you get them?

{The Cheat responds}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I see; a cute girl and an astronaut gave them to you.

{The Cheat makes a noise somewhat like "Gimme a sandwich"}

STRONG BAD: Yes, I'll go get you a patty melt.

{He exits with his different body parts overcrossing. A giant fist, maybe Strong Mad's, sends Homestar tumbling onscreen. He is missing a shoe. A basketball which Strong Bad had left behind finally falls to the ground.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Dang The Cheat, I like your boots!

{Homestar's cell phone rings in his shirt. He answers it.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {On the cell} Thanks for calling me. The Cheat is wearing cool boots. Can I have my shoe back?

{His missing shoe comes flying in and hits him in the face.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER {On the cell}: Thanks one million, talk to you later.

{Strong Bad walks in as Homestar puts the cell away.}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat I made your favorite, a picnic plate with wine and a baguette. {Smiles and a ding sound is heard} Can I get you something else?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'll have some, soup.

{Strong Bad's leg extends, shaping itself over The Cheat and finally trips Homestar.}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat, get that man some soup.

{The Cheat pours soup on Homestar's eyes.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: OK! Hot soup is on my eye.

{The Cheat jumps on Homestar's head and starts doing a hip-hop dance. A hip-hop beat starts up out of nowhere}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh no! Now you're doing a hip-hop dance on my head!

COACH Z: {Entering} Hey that's a good dance! {leaves}

STRONG BAD: High five, The Cheat!

{Strong Bad and The Cheat extend their hands into space, where they slap a high five. The words, 'A very high-five' appear for a moment then disappear. An alien named Nebulon floats on screen.}

STRONG BAD: {Talking through his hand} Get out of here, Nebulon! No one likes your style.

{Heartbroken, Nebulon floats off screen. A space-like sound signifies his departure}

STRONG BAD: {Talking through his hand} The Cheat, do you like Nebulon's style?

{We see Strong Bad and The Cheat watching the scene in The Cheats computer room.}

STRONG BAD: PURPLE BOXING GLOVES?! Did you do any fact-checking before you turned this in? What if I did that to you? Oh yeah, The Cheat, he's a... stripéd, green rabbit! With two butts!

{The Cheat responds angrily}

STRONG BAD: And you made my underwears showing! Everybody knows I don't wear underwears!

{The Cheat responds glumly}

STRONG BAD: Mmm... all right... You get an... iron cup. Full of Brunswick Stew. {places cup of stew on table}

{The Cheat responds excitedly and pushes the cup over to his side of the table}

STRONG BAD: But lemme tell ya's. With a little extra effort, it would have been a trophy full of Steak-ums.

(The Cheat responds glumly}

STRONG BAD: Guy drops a couple of JPEGs in his cartoon and thinks he's like, the guy who draws The Lockhorns or something. Now that guy knows funny!

{Fade to black, cut to Coach Z's Hip Hop Dance music video.}