{Puppet Homestar appears. They Might Be Giants are behind him, John Flansburgh on guitar and John Linnell on accordion. Marty Beller is off screen on drums.}

Flansburgh: Hey Homestar, I hear you've got another song for us.

Homestar: Hey, you guessed right. What da ya know?

{Homestar looks around a bit as Marty starts to play the drums. Flansburgh and Linnell then begin to play.}

{singing} Vitamins
Take your vitamins
Put 'em in that plastic thing
That has the days of the week on it

{TMBG just stop playing here, thinking Homestar is done singing. However, he continues...}

So you don't forget to take them on the proper day

{not singing anymore}

Okay, I spilled over on that one a little bit, I thought you were going to go on, honestly I thought you were going to go on longer.

{everybody laughs}

Flansburgh: Homestar, I hear...

Linnell: That's all we got.

Flansburgh: I hear you've got the exact same song for us.

Homestar: It's true! What do ya think?

Flansburgh: Let's do it!

Homestar: And a three, two one...

{Homestar is interrupted}

Linnell: No, no, no.

Homestar: No?

Linnell: Go ahead.

Flansburgh: Let's play it! Marty...

{Marty starts up the drums again as Flansburgh and Linnell join him}

Homestar: {singing} Oh, celebrities
They can't get me down
I try to rock and roll
And they steal my soul
My soul

{the music stops}

Take a powder... powda... powder-erg-eer

{not singing} I have trouble with my r's.

{Homestar then proceeds to put his mouth over the top of his music stand as the video ends.}