Easter Eggs




  • Where exactly are these buttons? I tried a bunch of times, but for the life of me, I can't find them. Can I see a still picture of WHERE to click? Please? -Not-so-(Clever Dan))

  • Hey there socetew. Yeah, they are easy to miss. Try viewing from [this link]. Really the best advice I can offer is to try clicking and dragging about a half inch under the white box to highlight the links. You can delete this note and your question after you find them. -- Tom
  • Hey, Tom. Thanks so much. One more question. Can you click on those links from the regular pop-up of the cartoon that appears when you navigate to it from the site itself or only from that special link of it that you gave me? Just curious.
  • Yeah, when you click on the link in the toons menu on H*R.com, the .swf file just stars playing in a little pop up. I think this .html page is from back before they started using the popup thing straight from the menu. Good find. Might want to add this little history to the fun facts... -- Tom

Fun Facts