{A calender shows up, tacked to a wall. Red "X's" mark out days on the calender. The calender dates turn to the credits. Music plays.}

{Music still plays. Homestar walks out of his house in a brown hat. He makes snow-prints in the snow. It is snowing outside. He walks up to a brick wall and stands beside Strong Sad, who is leaning on it.}

{Breathing, breath is visible} Uhh... Uhh... {long silence} Uhhhh...

Strong Sad : What's the matter, Homestar?

Homestar Runner : {Surprised} Oh! Strong Sad! I can't decide what to get Strong Bad for Decemberween.

Strong Sad : Uh... What do you mean?

{ Silhouete }

Homestar Runner : Well, I know he's kind of a jerk sometimes, and I know he says "holy crap" a lot, but I think if I get him the perfect prestent, he just might like me again.

{Strong Sad close-up}

Strong Sad : What? People get presents for Decemberween? I always just get locked in the bathtub!

{Back out from Strong Sad}

Homestar : Oh... right. Uh... I gotta go. {Homestar runs off quickly.}

{Cuts to Coach Z and Homestar walking in front of a bunch of Christmas trees.}

Coach Z : Well, Homestar, I'll tell ya'. Buying a Decemberween present for Strong Bad is like a great sports play.

Homestar : Let me guess... I can't just rush into the score zone.

Coach Z : Hey, that's right!

Homestar : Coach! That's your answer for everything!

Coach Z : Oh. {Silence, then Coach Z holds up some mouth-wash.} Mouth-wash?

{Cuts to Homestar and Marzipan in Marzipan's house. She is drawing protest signs as they talk.}

Homestar :...and then he said it was like a great sports play. And I didn't even think that applies to this situation.

Marzipan : That's great, Homestar. Why don't you just get him a shirt? He dosn't seem to have many of those.

{Zooms to Homestar}

Homestar : No, I'm pretty sure he just enjoys going topless.

{Zooms back out}

Marzipan : Well, you could get him a sponge, or a harp, or you could make some him some Chex party mix...

{Zooms to Homestar again}

Homestar : No way, those are terrible ideas. {Zooms to Homestars face again}{Laughing} Like, I don't even want to see what you got me this year. {Chuckles.}

{Back out}

Marzipan : {Mad, she turns to Homestar} Why don't you go bother someone else?!

Homestar : Now that's a good idea!

{Music plays. Silhouete of Homestar walking along a bunch of snow-covered trees. They sway back and forth.}

{Homestar walks over to Bubs Concession Stand. He has a bunch of lights and holiday decorations.}

Bubs : Hey there Homestar, what can I do for you on this fine holiday?

Homestar : I can't find a frickin' present for Strong Bad.

Bubs : Well, you know what Coach Z says...

Homestar : { Zooms to Homestar, who leans back } {Annoyed} Yes, I know! I know!

Bubs : Oh, well, take a look around. I got all types of crazy stuff!

{Homestar pulls up an old NES "Tag Team Wrestling" Video game.}


{ He throws it behind him. Pulls out gold, sparkling gloves with cursive letters "SB".}


{Throws that behind him. Pulls out Strong Sad voodoo doll with pins sticking in it.}

Uh... are you allowed to sell this?

{ Throws that back. Pulls out a poster that says "Framton Comes Alive!" with an autograph by Peter Frampton..}


{Silhouete of Bubs Concession Stand with Homestar standing in front of it. All the stuff Homestar threw back is laying in a pile.}

Homestar : That's it! This is the perfect gift!

{Cuts to all the gang standing around exchanging gifts.}

{The Cheat opens a gift to see it explode in his face. It blows his hair back and he is all black.}

Marzipan : {Opening a gift, which comes out to be a Coach Z scratch n' sniff calender.} Coach Z, this is nasty.

Coach Z : That's okay. Smell October!

{Slides to Strong Bad}

Strong Bad : Okay, let's see what we got from Homestar here...

Homestar : Open it! Open it! It's from me. It took forever to find it!

Strong Bad : { Opens gift to find it a Deep Impact DVD} What!? The Deep Impact DVD! You got me this for like the last three years, man!

Homestar : I know! And you liked it so much, I bought it for you again!

Strong Bad : Oh, man!

Homestar and Strong Bad together: This is the best { Strong Bad says worst } Decemberween ever!

All, breaking out into singing :
{To the tune of O' Christmas Tree}
{All}: Decemberween, Decemberween, you're fifty-five days after Halloween.
{Marzipan}: With bunnies running for their lives,
{King of Town, holding up a bunny on a plate}: I wish this one was supper-sized!
{All}: Decemberween, Decemberween, you're fifty-five days after Halloween!
{Strong Sad}: What are you guys talking about?
{Strong Bad}: Hey who the crap let Strong Sad out?
{All}: Decemberween, Decemberween, you're fifty-five days after Halloween!
{Bubs}: I've got all types of crazy crap!
{Homestar}: I bought Strong Bad a Deep Impact!
{All}: Decemberween, Decemberween, {Just Homestar}: Coach Z's been drinking Listerine!
{Music cuts out and Coach Z falls into the snow.}

Transcript by FireBird .