{Open to Stinko Man training in the field.}

STINKO MAN: {punches the air} Ah ah ah ah ah! {kicks the air} Hya hya hya hya hya!

{The Homestar Runner walks up, kicking his can. The can hits Stinko Man.}

STINKO MAN: Waah! Who are you?

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'm The Homestar Runner.

STINKO MAN: That name is dumb. It sounds like it is soooo dumb.

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well what's your moniker?

STINKO MAN: I go by Stinko Man. That's the name of a talented fighter if ever there was one.

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, if you say so. Would you care for some dry meal? {pulls out a bag of dry meal which makes a dry coughing sound}

STINKO MAN: No way! I'm training for fighting, or maybe a challenge. So what's that thing you're kicking around?

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, that's just an old can of water soup. I kick it around ever since my dog warshed away in the storm of '28.

STINKO MAN: You seem like you might not be from around here. Do you have any special powers?

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: I can play a mean warshboard. {pulls out a washboard and plays it}

STINKO MAN: Whoa, what is that? What is that? Some kinda robot?

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: What's a robut?

STINKO MAN: You don't know what a robot is? Hahaha! You're so dumb! Hahaha! Dumb.

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, go soak your fat head.

STINKO MAN: Are you asking for a CHALLENGE? {starts to power up}

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yes sir. Yes sir I am.

STINKO MAN: {jumps high into the air} DOUBLE DEUCE!!!!

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: {pulls out a straw and shoots a spitball} Ptooie. {it hits Stinko Man in the eye}

STINKO MAN: {falls to the ground} Ow! My eye! It's like, my eye! It hurts so bad!

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, folks, you know what that means. Now I'll do a dance. {starts dancing to what sounds like the Charleston}

STINKO MAN: Hahaha! That dance cracks me up! Hahaha! You gotta teach me!

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Just kind of shimmy and shake.

STINKO MAN: Yeah! Now I've got it! {starts dancing}





{repeat and fade to black}