Features: Homestar Runner, The Cheat


{Homestar Runner walks in to Strong Bad's computer room, holding a damaged tape. Compy 386 is off and there is a note attached to the screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad? Strong Bad, I brought back your tape of old Mr. Wizards. Okay, I'll just leave it on the floor. {he drops the tape} A note! A note. {reading} 'Probably at a barbecue with lotsa ladies. SB.' {mischeviously} Oh, really?

{runs across the stage with a milk carton} Strong Bad! I'm borrowing this milk for an undisclosed period of time!

{runs across again, now with a paint roller} Strong Bad! I'm borrowing this squeegee-type-deal!

{runs across again with a guitar} Taking the guitar!

{struggling with a TV set} The TV! {he drops it} Phew!

{enters again, carrying an Atari 2600, but this time The Cheat is also there, carrying Strong Bad's keyboard; the monitor has already gone} Hey Strong Bad {The Cheat squeaks} - oh, The Cheat.

THE CHEAT: {makes The Cheat noises} (It sounds like he is saying "Watcha doing?")

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I was just, um, doing nothing, with... nothing that belongs to Strong Bad.

THE CHEAT: {makes The Cheat noises} (It sounds like he is saying "I'm taking his keyboard.")

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, you too, huh? {The Cheat squeaks} Cool, um, I'm going to... run away, now. Pretty quickly.

{Homestar Runner and The Cheat run off in opposite directions. Shortly after it goes black, The Cheat appears again from the right and steals Strong Bad's floppy disk container.}