{coffin opens}

MARSHIE: Awwww......SNAP! I'm Marshie again! You better believe it's new Fluffy Puff Malloween orange and black flavored marshmallows! "They Taste the Same, but Loo--" {hacks and coughs} Sorry, must've got a toenail caught in my throat. "They Taste the Same, But Look Different!"

{setting changes to in front of Mr. Shmallow's grave}

MARSHIE: Boogedy-boogedy! I'll scare your dad! Those little punks next door won't know what hit 'em when you serve up a satchel full of Malloween Fluffy Puffs!

BOY: What?

GIRL: Weird.

MARSHIE: That's right, you two. Kids, demand Fluffy Puffs for trick and treats!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh hello little boy or little girl. Would you care for a funtime treat?

MARSHIE: No way! {Echoes}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: A tidal wave of marshalades!

MARSHIE: I'm so goosed up, I'm swimming in 'em! Tell Monte Negro [Nay-grow, not Nee-grow]


MARSHIE: That they fit on top of each other! Stack 'em to the heavens! Stack 'em to the heavens! I could write a song called "Stack 'Em to the Heavens!"

{cut to behind the scenes}

MARSHIE: {screaming} What more do they want!?

{back to normal scene}

MARSHIE: Come on guys, isn't that enough to get you to try Fluffy Puff Malloweens?

{Marshie sings}

MARSHIE: They're orange, doo doo. They're black, doo doo. Look for the one with me on the bag... dressed as a vampire!

{cuts to scene with Homestar Runner and Strong Bad sitting next to each other}

STRONG BAD: I thought you said you were the star of this one.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, right. I made that up. But I did get to keep this cool eyeball. {puts on eyeball} Seeeee! Seeee!

STRONG BAD: What are you doing!?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, isn't that the sound that um... eyeballs make? Seee! Seee!

{Strong Bad leaves}


Transcribed by Pomx2