{A swirling background is on screen. Marshie does his "rocket move" and faces the audience.}

Marshie: 'Sup, fools? I'm Marshie. Capital "M" and then "arshie!" I'm going this way!

{Along when he says this, the "M" and "arshie" appear under him. When he goes "this way" the text says "went that way!!!!!!!!!" The screen cuts to a chalkboard.}

Marshie: Why eat lots of other stuff, {Different types of food appear} when you can have {Fluffly Puff Marshmallows appear in chalk} FLUFFY PUFF MARSHMALLOWS! {Logo appears.)

{Screen cuts to plate of marshmallows.}

Marshie: Breakfast, {The marshmallows get covered in syrup} Lunch, {A salt and pepper "7" and "3" are next to the marshmallows, which has 3 tomato slices on them} Munch, {Batteries appear around the plate, while the marshmallows have nails stuck in them} and Dinner! {Marshmallows now have a hat and eyepatch on them, and a cigar is next to it.}

(Screen cuts to a pocket.}

Marshie: Stuff some in your pocket for {The chalk marshmallows go into the pocket. Marshie's voice turns into a creepy voice} SECRET EATING!

{Cut to pillow.}

Marshie: Hide some 'neath your pillow for sleepy time! {The marshmallows appear underneath the pillow.} Dont'cha like me? {Scene cuts to The Two Kids.} Kids ask for it by name!

Little Boy: What?

Little Girl: Huh?

Marshie: S'right kids! Go eat'ya some Fluffy Puff Marshmallows! Now try new Fluffy Puff All Marshmallow Mayonaise. {Marshie's voice changes to an incredibly weird voice.} Made from the best stuff.

{Screen cuts to Homestar watching the commercial on TV.}

Marshie {With strange echo}: I'm fluffity. I'm puffity. Six, seven, eight, five, ten.

Homestar: I hate that fweakin' marshmallow.

Transcribed by Yaanu and Hobophobic